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变生态优势为经济优势 陕西佛坪产业扶贫带动村民增收


It is 200 kilometers drive from Xi'an City, and it is to the south of Foping County in Hanzhong City.

Foping County is located in the hinterland of the south of the Qinling Mountains. In 2011, it was identified as the key county for national poverty alleviation and development work. In September 2018, it officially “capped”.

In the view of Ma Guangming, secretary of the Party branch of Yinchanggou Village, Xiqiaohe Town, Foping County, the rural poverty alleviation is inseparable from the “precise poverty alleviation”. “After the cadres who help the counterparts, they will be suitable for development according to our advantages. The industry, first find the direction of getting rich."

Developing the industry is an important starting point for poverty alleviation. Foping County has the unique advantages of ecological resources in the Qinling area. By establishing village-level collective economic cooperatives, building smart agricultural planting bases, developing sightseeing tourism parks, etc. the villagers will be employed to increase income and turn resource advantages into economic advantages. By encouraging villagers to participate. Industrial development stimulates the endogenous power of poverty alleviation in the countryside and turns "blood transfusion" into "hematopoietic", thus realizing poverty alleviation and getting rid of poverty.

Develop tourism according to local conditions. Villagers stay in the local area to get rich

The 41-year-old Daihui is a villager in Shawo Village, Changjiaoba Town, Foping County. The farmhouse music at home is booming. "In the past, in order to provide two children to school, they had to go to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Yunnan to work as welders. They earned more than 10,000 yuan a year." Dai Hui said, "In recent years, the development of tourism in the village has brought more people. there is business."

Foping County has beautiful mountains and waters with a mild climate. The annual average temperature is 11.5 °C, the annual average rainfall is 938 mm, and the forest coverage rate is 90.3%. There are protected animals such as giant pandas, golden monkeys and takins, as well as rare plants such as yew, ginkgo and eucommia, which are called “bioresource gene pools”. In recent years, Foping County has vigorously developed the tourism and tourism industry, created sightseeing spots, improved infrastructure, and attracted surrounding tourists.

xx2016年,看到这个前景的戴辉决定回到家乡,投资40万元为他自己的平房建造一个楼层,并装修三个房间作为房间。其中,自筹20万,贷款20万,享受三年折扣利息贷款优惠,政府补贴7%。戴辉也有烹饪技巧。村里总是要求他做厨师。因此,农舍既是酒店又是餐厅。生意还不错。 “在一个繁忙的季节里有30个人,住宿总是满员,至少提前一周。我每年可以赚到7万到8万件。”









A room of more than ten square meters, a large screen displayed in real time, manipulating two mushroom greenhouses, a cold storage. In the production base of the mushroom in the village of Qijiazhuang Village, the growth of the mushroom does not require human care, and it relies on electronic monitoring.


The picture shows the smart agriculture platform monitoring big screen

In 2018, a group economic cooperative was established in Yujiazhuang Village, Xiqiaohe Town, Foping County, and the farmers in the village were recruited into the community to build a mushroom production base. At the end of the same year, the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Network Office established it as a pilot project for smart agriculture. Base 2, 2,400 square meters of greenhouses, 800 square meters of greenhouses on the 2nd, can cultivate 150,000-200,000 bags of edible mushrooms every year, can produce 300,000 kilograms of high-quality fresh mushrooms, with an annual output value of about 1.3 million yuan.

The smart platform is the "brain" of this base. I can see the real scene in the greenhouse on the big screen, and I can also see a set of data showing temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and illuminance, which is collected and transmitted by the sensors installed in the shed. Once the environment inside the shed changes, it is not suitable for the growth of mushrooms. The system will automatically alarm. The manager can receive reminders from various ports such as mobile phones, iPads, computers, etc. You can choose manual manual adjustment, or you can automatically control the spray. Fans, wet curtains, ventilating roller blinds, sunshade blinds and other equipment will adjust the environment inside the shed to the best condition.

“In the past, traditional greenhouse cultivation methods relied on experience and feelings. Now relying on intelligent means to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits, and members of cooperatives enjoy dividends,” said Wang Genping, a poverty alleviation cadre in Zhangjiazhuang Village.

Industrial parks help solve what farmers are “planting” and “where to sell”

"I don't know what kind of thing", "I don't know where to sell" is the confusion of many farmers. In Shawo Village, Changjiaoba Town, Foping County, this problem is in charge, and no need for farmers to worry about it.






丁晓明认为,市场上的商品仍然供不应求,未来前景广阔,农民难以接近分散的农民。最好形成种植规模,熟悉市场流通领域的企业,帮助分析计划,形成科学种植。 “目前,温室育种是我们对未来三年市场价值持乐观态度的看法。”

在农民种植药材的过程中,工业园区不会“无视”,并会给予技术指导。随着收获,农民不必担心出售。 “为了避免让处于弱势地位的农民直接面对市场,企业负责养殖和销售,农民只能种植,并在产业链的不同环节发挥作用。”丁晓明说。


It is understood that the breeding planting base of Qinling Shaoyao Industrial Park covers an area of 100 mu, and the breeding greenhouse is 5,600 square meters. It is estimated that the annual output of excellent Chinese herbal medicine seedlings will be 40 million, and the annual economic income will be more than 1,600 yuan, which will drive the annual growth of the surrounding farmers. 10,000 Yuan. (Reporter Wang Yupeng)